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Enjoy the Pacific Breeze

Mayan Palace Acapulco Golf Resort—Enjoy the Pacific Breeze Welcome to the world-renowned city of Acapulco and the Mayan Palace Acapulco golf resort, where natural beauty mixes with the glamour of a bustling city. Enjoy the carefree attitude of Acapulco and the comfort of your stay at the Mayan Palace Acapulco golf resort. Explore Viejo Acapulco (Old Acapulco) to catch a glimpse of the city’s unique soul, or choose from a variety of adventurous water activities. Snorkel, scuba dive, or just watch the famous Acapulco cliff divers of La Quebrada as they perform death defying feats.

At the Mayan Palace Acapulco golf resort, nightlife from beach bars to dance clubs, a variety of gourmet Acapulco restaurants, and recreational activities like golf, tennis, and kids clubs are abundant. Tropical gardens, cascading waterfalls, serene lakes, and pristine pools are found throughout the grounds. Discover the exotic attraction of one of Mexico’s most vibrant vacation destinations and experience the happiness that can only be found at the Mayan Palace Acapulco golf resort.

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