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Mexico welcomes Ocean Breeze Hotels, a refreshing alternative for travelers seeking an affordable, family fun and exciting getaway in spectacular locations. Ocean Breeze Hotels provides casual, comfortable and welcoming vacation experiences where guests can spend quality time relaxing, enjoying a wide range of recreational activities, dining on fresh Mexican cuisine, sightseeing and more. Ocean Breeze Hotels are owned and operated by Grupo Vidanta, one of Latin America's leading developers of tourism destinations for over 35 years.

Currently there are three Ocean Breeze hotels located in key Mexico family destinations: Acapulco, Mazatlan and Nuevo Vallarta. A fourth hotel, Ocean Breeze Riviera Maya is scheduled to open in March, 2010 and more are planned for other top spots in Mexico.

"Whether it's on the beach, in the swimming pool or on the golf course, we want our guests to relax and have fun; that's what vacationing is all about", said Norma Preciado, director of sales for Ocean Breeze Hotels. "Ocean Breeze Hotels are located in resort settings that are as lively and exciting as they are beautiful and authentically Mexican - at prices that provide more than expected value."

In style, Ocean Breeze hotels are casual yet stylish, bright and contemporary, with touches of Mexico's rich cultural traditions. Spacious accommodations at Ocean Breeze Hotels offer guest rooms and family suites that vary by location and all feature air conditioning, modern baths and the latest in entertainment and technology. Suites also offer fully-equipped kitchenettes, dining facilities and modern baths. Varying with each location, beachfront settings, tropical gardens and spectacular swimming pools are among the outdoor features that add beauty and appeal to the Ocean Breeze experience.

Each Ocean Breeze hotel offers a variety of dining options ranging from informal poolside snacks to themed or casually elegant dining experiences. Complementing the restaurants are bars and lounges, many al fresco or poolside - ideal for a romantic moment or sharing the company of friends and family. Depending on the hotel, recreational opportunities range from golf to scuba diving and snorkeling to biking and whale watching. Situated in Mexico's premier vacation destinations, the hotels also provide easy access to sightseeing, vibrant nightlife and superb shopping.

For more information about Ocean Breeze Hotels in Mexico, please visit: www.oceanbreezehotels.com

To book your reservation now call 1-877-282-2115 (USA) or 1-877-797-0658 (Canada) or email reservaciones@oceanbreezehotels.com


MEXICO (December, 09) - A beach vacation is the quintessential measure of childhood bliss - the experience that defines family fun and togetherness and creates enduring memories of happiness. When that vacation is on an endless beach in Mexico, with its famous sunsets and migrating whales, or the palm-fringed sands on the Caribbean Sea, the pleasure is year-round and, at Mayan Resorts, suited to fit every family's ideal getaway. And, one of the best things about family vacations at Mayan Resorts is its popular Kids Club.

The Mayan Resort's Kids Club is a program of supervised daily activities and events designed to entertain, provide healthy recreation and even educate young guests while their parents engage in championship golf, indulge in a luxury spa, go shopping or sightseeing, or pursue other adult interests provided by the resort.

Available from 9 AM to 5 PM, each resort's Kids Club features such activities as mini-dance lessons; a variety of sports, including beach soccer, water polo, mini-bowling and darts competitions; a choice of arts activities such as bead, flower and paper handicrafts and drawing; and age-appropriate movies. Other activities include swimming pool time, lunch and snacks, puppet-making and cooking lessons. The Club is also an excellent way for children to discover the unique natural environments surrounding them, with projects featuring ocean habitats, native flamingos and crocodiles.

Two days a week the Kids Club features special extended evening activities until 10 pm. On Wednesdays, there is "Pirate Night", filled with costumes and make-up, face painting, treasure hunts and games. On Thursdays, it's "Camping Night", featuring beach camping, contests and games. And, Sundays are "Superhero" days when Kids Club members are visited by their favorite superheroes for a day of magic and fun.

Mayan Resorts offers premier Kids Clubs at their Sea Garden, Mayan Palace and Grand Mayan properties, located in Acapulco, Nuevo Vallarta, Puerto Peñasco and Riviera Maya.

For more information about Mayan Resorts and the Mayan Kids Club, please visit www.mayanisland.com.

First Internacional Airport in Puerto Penasco, Mexico launches commercial service november 5, 2009.

Mar de Cortes International Airport Opens New Vacation Destination To U.S., Canada and the World.

PUERTO PENASCO (November 5, 2009) --- One of Mexico's best kept secrets is about to be discovered. The first international airport in Puerto Peñasco, and the first completely privately built airport in Mexico, opens for commercial service on November5. Vacationers across America and Canada, and the rest of the world, will, for the first time, have quick and easy access to Sea of Cortez beaches, natural beauty, wildlife and recreational offerings that, until now, required long drives across desert and mountain terrain for most travelers.

Inaugural festivities are expected to be attended by Mexico's president, Felipe Calderon, and other high officials as well as representatives from the tourism industry, including Grupo Vidanta, which is building the airport as well as several resort and residential developments in the region.

"The commencement of commercial air service to Puerto Peñasco represents a milestone in the development of "one of Mexico's most exciting and now accessible tourism destinations", said Fernando Antillon, Director of the Mar de Cortes International Airport. "We look forward to continued partnerships with the federal government, the State of Sonora and the private sector to develop this beautiful region along the incomparable Sea of Cortez for generations of new visitors."

For decades, Puerto Peñasco has been known by residents of the Southwest as Rocky Point or even "Arizona's Beach", because of its proximity to Phoenix and Tucson, both three hours away by car. But inaccessibility - Los Angeles is eight hours away by road and air service has been limited to small aircraft - has kept the numbers of visitors low. Now, spearheaded by the Mar de Cortes (Sea of Cortez) International Airport, all that is changing as the Mexican government and the private sector make major investments in the region, building hotels, resorts, recreational facilities, several golf courses, homes and infrastructure. With the new airport, the destination will be less than an hour by air from Phoenix; less than two hours from Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Albuquerque.

Located 20 miles south of the city of Puerto Peñasco and approximately 60 miles from the U.S. border, the new airport is being built and will be operated by Operadora Aeroportuaria Golfo de Cortes, S.E. de C.V., a Grupo Vidanta company, which also built and operates the Mayan Palace in the destination and has developed tourism and resorts throughout Mexico. The airport code is PPE.

Commercial service will begin in November with fully functional airport and runway facilities and a modern, bright provisional terminal building, with completion of the entire airport project, including new terminal facilities, expected by 2012. Negotiations are currently underway for charter service from gateways in Canada and the U.S. as well as regional scheduled service from Phoenix, Arizona and Hermosillo, Mexico with such carriers as Aeromexico and US Airways. In the near future, additional scheduled and charter service is expected to provide access to Puerto Peñasco rom all over the world via major hubs such as Houston, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

The airport's 1.55 mile concrete runway is currently capable of handling Boeing 737's and 757's and similar type aircraft. After a planned extension of approximately 1,500 feet, it will welcome Boeing 767's or similar aircraft as well. Two taxiways can accommodate three aircraft on the aprons. L861 lighting on the runway, PAPI's visual aids and wind cones ensure safe landings and take-offs. The airport actually operated for one week in 2007 to accommodate President Calderon's aircraft on the occasion of the Mexico-USA Border Governors Conference held in Puerto Peñasco. At the time Calderon's pilot described the new runway as "one of the best in the country."

Known as "the world's aquarium" and designated a World Heritage Site, the Sea of Cortez is renowned for its beaches, perfect weather, water sports, fishing and wildlife, including migrating whales and birds. Situated along the northern coastline, Puerto Peñasco, with its distinct character and charm, is undergoing dramatic growth. In 1998, the destination welcomed 1.2 million visitors; in 2008 it was discovered by 2.35 million but that number is expected to swell dramatically with the inauguration of air service and the ongoing completion of numerous four and five star resorts. Appealing to young, active vacationers, over 60 percent of visitors are between 31 and 50 years of age, with high income levels. As Grupo Vidanta and other companies develop luxury vacation home ownership opportunities in the region as well as additional resorts, the population is expected to more than double. Visitor accommodations by 2025 are expected to top 40,000, from the current 6,000 units.

As one of Latin America's largest developers of luxury resorts and tourism facilities and infrastructure, Grupo Vidanta has 30,000 acres and seven miles of beachfront property to develop in Puerto Peñasco. The luxury vacation mega-plex planned by Grupo Vidanta is equivalent to approximately twice the area of Manhattan island; interconnecting 10,000 luxury vacation homes and 7,000 high-end hotel rooms from estuaries to ocean, by a system of canals to retail, entertainment and beach club centers throughout the complex. The company's Mayan Palace Resort and Peninsula Golf, a Jack Nicklaus signature golf course, are already in operation, with two additional golf courses - by Nicklaus and Greg Norman - as well as other resorts, including The Grand Mayan, The Grand Bliss and Ocean Breeze are under construction. All facilities are expected to be completed in the next five years.

Nicklaus & Son Inaugurate Peninsula de Cortes Course at Mayan Palace, Rocky Point, Mexico - Partner Resort with AzGolf

Jack and Jack II Officially Opened the Peninsula Course with Press Conference, Exhibition, and Course Review

Jack and Jack II Officially Opened the Peninsula Course with Press Conference, Exhibition, and Course Review

Puerto Penasco, MX, March 27, 2009: Jack Nicklaus and son Jack II opened the spectacular Peninsula de Cortes course at Mayan Palace last Friday with a tour, press conference for 125 attendees, and an exhibition that left all impressed and entertained.

Uncle Buck, AzGolf @ KFNX AM 1100 on Thursday afternoons, was the emcee along with partners Dan Schott and PGA Tour's Dan Pohl. In the 90-minute conversation, the Nicklaus' discussed the unique opportunity for outstanding golf the dunes presented them, the course aspects they enjoyed, their philosophy and interest in the average golfer with special attention to the varying experience players would have, the support Mayan Palace has provided them during the design, and much more. The highlight for all was when both Nicklaus' recounted the 1986 final day at the Masters, where Jack played with Jack II as his caddie. Everyone was mesmerized with the emotion of the day, and most remembered the finish, though not to the level of Jack, who remembered exact yardages for each shot, or Jackie's word-for-word recounting of their conversations and reactions to others' play. In the end, Ballesteros, Norman and Kite could only join the rest of us in admiring that special day of golf... now remembered for those at Mayan Palace last Friday.

Mayan Palace General Manager Manuel Alcocer and Director of Golf Andrew Gilchrist hosted the day along with the next day's "First Annual Opening Tournament" with 90 players. The opening day offered $250,000 in gifts and prizes with trophies for gross and net play. Although the Nicklaus' admitted the course was very young, and more grassing and attention to detail would follow this year, the players found the course fair, playable, and challenging.

Mayan Palace and Peninsula de Cortes are Arizona Golf Partners, they have hosted two AGA events as well as the acclaimed University of Arizona Women's Invitational held in late February. It will also be home for the 2009 Southwest Team Matches with Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Arkansas, Arizona, and Southern California currently committed the first of November.

Special Golf packages for AGA members are available through the website at AzGolf.org or by calling 800-458-8484.

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